Tony Caviston


New Port Richey, FL


Eclectic artist painting in oil, watercolor and acrylic, I consider myself an unorthodox traditional self-taught artist. As a purist and value painter with a passion for details and shadows, I feel the need to explore new subject matter, which makes painting everyday more exciting and less monotonous. It also makes for a non-recognizable style.

Believing that thoughtful preparation leads to a better painting, I spend many hours, often days, working and reworking a pencil drawing before transferring it to canvas. My favorite time to reflect changes is in the evening as I sit quietly watching television and my mind drifts to changes I will make tomorrow. Working with many props I have collected over the years from visiting flea markets and garage sales, I am also fascinated by old abandoned houses, stores and gas stations. Their weathered signs, broken screen doors and rusting chairs left on the porches all tell a story.

I started to create art at an early age. In grade school I did blackboard art, in high school signs and displays, and later in my career windows and stores displays as well as cartoons and trade journals. My work has been recognized with many rewards along the way. I retired early at the age of 55 to pursue a lifelong dream to become a fine artist. Since moving to Florida in 2009, I have experimented with acrylics painting with hues of purple, blue and green. I have exhibited at the Progress Energy Gallery in New Port Richey and won an Honorable Mention by the Pasco County Art Association.

I have been featured in a number of one-man and group shows, and my paintings are in corporate collections in Washington D.C. and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with one of my works hanging in the State Museum of Pennsylvania. My story has been published in a number of trade articles and I have been featured as a cover artist for the Pocono Tourist Magazine twice in my career.

My astrological sign is Gemini-the twins. I have one of the twins is lazy and cannot paint. Many a time I look over a painting and think it must have been the bad twin painting that day. It may have been a bad twin painting, but every day painting is a good day.

Recognizing that we live in a world of technology, I would like to make the following statement about my art:

I do not use the computer, nor do I project images in the creation of my artwork. For positioning, enlarging and reducing, I use the ancient method of squaring.


Shamokin Dam House by Tony Caviston


Structured by Tony Caviston


Mixed Company by Tony Caviston


Old Friends by Tony Caviston


The Bun Basket by Tony Caviston


Raking Leaves by Tony Caviston


Reflections by Tony Caviston


Patchwork by Tony Caviston


The Corner Store by Tony Caviston


The Neighborhood by Tony Caviston


Memory Wall by Tony Caviston


Shadows 1 by Tony Caviston


Shadow II by Tony Caviston


Across the Street by Tony Caviston


The Artist by Tony Caviston


Your Move by Tony Caviston


Fall Market by Tony Caviston


Keeping in Touch by Tony Caviston


Timeless by Tony Caviston


The Last Goodbye by Tony Caviston


Away From Home by Tony Caviston


Autumn's Charm by Tony Caviston


Reflections of Summer by Tony Caviston


Sun Umbrella by Tony Caviston


Odd Friends by Tony Caviston


The Red Swing by Tony Caviston


The Country Store by Tony Caviston


The Rear End by Tony Caviston


The Florist by Tony Caviston


The Collector by Tony Caviston


Book Case by Tony Caviston


Gram's Treasures by Tony Caviston


Blue Period by Tony Caviston


Forgotten by Tony Caviston


The Empty Chair by Tony Caviston


The Gathering Place by Tony Caviston


Reflections by Tony Caviston


Broken Dreams by Tony Caviston


Better Days by Tony Caviston